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Simple Cards DIYs

cardsYou forgot your friends birthday or her anniversary! You cannot go to the store because you still have to get ready for the party! You worked so much, your day did not go as planned in the office- everything was going wrong! Now, you don’t want this to go wrong as well, right? You have about 30 minutes on your hand. You have to be creative. I bet if you look around the house you will find a lot of things you can use to make a simple, creative and fun card. These are some of the Pinterest finds I would like to share! Enjoy!
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The Love For Provence

From the time I could flip the pages of the Grolier Encyclopedia when I was young I wanted to see the world. Anywhere and everywhere. I was fascinated with Southern Europe, Middle East, North America (Canada) and New Zealand.
Provence was one of my few favorite places in the world. Although the last time I went to Southern Europe I did not go, but it was about an hour away from where I was! One day soon, one day soon! Continue Reading