Room by Room

Generally, I like a house with big windows. If they’re not big, I want a lot of them! :-)… I love light, I like getting up in the morning with the sun’s rays shining in my room, if not on my face. I’m not into super modern style, although I love clean lines and monochromatic color scheme. I think that colors that does not hurt the eye are great for bedrooms because that’s where I end and start my day, although I would love to splash it with contrasting color accent (like a vase, or a candle holder) pieces around the room. I love green, all shades of it, except teal, never liked it from the beginning, UNLESS it’s an accent color, then I can deal with it. My ideal bedroom would be of course, with big windows…with simple design curtains, like a tab top, cafe or grommet top style.

As goes with the bathroom.If I had the opportunity to have a house without any nearby neighbors who can see your window, I don’t want to put any curtains on any kind of window treatment in my bathroom! (I know, it’s weird!)… Again, I like to splash it with light shades of colors specially the greens, I like a separate toilet room with a window in it…I guess you know why! I love plants in my bathroom, not in the kitchen…I don’t know why…another weird thing, huh?

Kitchens are more of a complicated place or room to decide for me, I like a more modern kitchen style, clean lines and if possible windows all around. Windows are very important to me in the kitchen for two reasons. First, I love light and it saves energy, because all day long I won’t have to turn on unnecessary lighting. Second, I cook Indian/Filipino food– spicy food in general, so windows would help me vent the spicy smell out of the house. I like plenty of counter space not too much for cupboard as long as there is a walk-in pantry. I like a stone-tiles floor kitchen, wood floors are great too, but I prefer tiles when it comes to kitchen.

The living room. Hmmm, family living room is very hard to design, for me…it has to reflect every personality in the house and of the house. I don’t want it just reflect my style because after all, I am the mother and I’m the one designing…it’s the heart of the house nowadays, and by splashing it up with each of my kids style, they will feel more relaxed…I like them to be able to entertain their friends in the same room that I entertain my friends too…without being concern about the room being too stuffy, or “super-formal.”

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