I always had passion for music. I started playing guitar when I was 9 years old. My Aunt (lives in California) was the one who started it all, I think…then most of us after her started learning how to play the guitar. I basically taught myself to play with a little guidance of my cousin Gloria, and by the time I was in college my siblings learned to play as well, one of the them preferred the Bass and another one preferred the Lead. We played together a lot back home, now they have their own groups to play in, and I have mine too…


I arrived in California in December 1999, I have lived there for 7 years… from the bay to the desert to the coast, I always had a guitar with with me wherever I lived. My music started to pick up when I was living in the Newport Beach, I had a band which played in a Nazarene church in Costa Mesa, it was one of the most enjoyable times of my life, I was playing with talented amazing people. I was just starting to play with an audience and they were Pros! But they encouraged and nurtured me until I was confident enough to play by myself with a crowd. By the time my family moved, I was starting to play in smaller crowds of 30 to 50 people. My music at that time was mainly religious and inspirational. The crowd started picking up when my family decided to move to Arizona, somehow it was decided that Arizona was best for our health I don’t know how it could be… 🙂

But even when we were in Arizona, I was still invited to play in some gigs in California, so I was more in hotels in California than my house in Arizona! My life was very hectic, specially with two kids in tow all the time…they were becoming used to be on the road, waking and going to sleep in the car. I decided it was enough. The kids needs to go to school and I need to slow down. I totally stopped playing gigs, music did not go beyond my door…it was very refreshing, to wake up in my own bed and make my coffee in my own coffee maker!



Things happen very quickly in my life, a lot of things…which is another story, I found myself talking to a musician from Georgia. We were introduced by a mutual friend as musicians, so we decided to try it long distance…we were working on original pieces so it involves a lot of brain matter than playing. In 4 months time we worked on about 18 original songs and it was getting harder to work long distance because by that time we needed to play with the songs we worked on. To make a long story short, he took me out of my hiding place, put me in a car and drove me to where I am now… 🙂 and that’s my husband, my keyboard player and band mate!

So far Clusters of Grey has been playing for about 4 years now, 3 years with our drummer and one EP out, although we have a lot of original materials still to work on, we take each day as it goes…we enjoy taking each day as it goes and play when WE WANT TO…and we’re playing because we like it… we also work with different groups, SARAGAM; 78 East Band & SUR (The Band) are among them. We like diversion, we like experimentation.

Here are some samples of the EP:

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