Love as a Box

Imagine Love as a box- a box you designed according to your personality. Inside of it are a bunch of items: expectations, demands, feelings, emotions, illusions, delusions, compromises, contentment, joy, happiness and a bunch of other stuff. You carry this box around, everywhere- everyday hoping and wishing that when you throw, hand it to someone or hit somebody with it… they would open it and look what’s inside the box. Most often than not, whoever you give the box to- will just hold the box, bring it with them, everywhere, everyday…even put glitters on it, or decorate it with kisses, but just does not care to look inside the box. When they do- they will either get scared and give it back to you, or they will examine everything inside the box and try to understand.

Well, the thing is- it is not just your box. When you get into a box-exchanging ritual (relationship) you will also be given or get hit with the other person’s box! You either carry it around as well, not looking inside or look inside and try to understand.

So it is a very difficult situation. People go along their lives, carrying these boxes and not opening them, and some opening them and throwing away stuff inside the box, until sometimes the box becomes empty. The worst is, trying to find those missing pieces from your box and putting them back inside– and not being able to find the good items. Then when you finally find them they are demands, illusions, delusions… etc.

What do you do?
One choice is to keep your box after a very bad experience and just not give it away- leave it at home, not carry it around.
Another choice is, carrying on not giving up. Finding a way to make the box more attractive.
Then there are choices like- intentionally/unintentionally taking the good items out and hitting people with your box with bad items in it!

At the end- it does not matter how well you manage this box- exchanging ritual, it is what you do with the items inside each other’s boxes when you open it.

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