20150503_174849Part 1
Flight to Miami:
Delta Airlines! What else? There are things to consider when flying, besides the check in which we did twice. We forgot we checked in already from home- so we went to the self-check-in line and checked in again.
The other thing you need to consider is to pick a seat ahead of time. We forgot to do that, so I was in the very last seat 39E on the plane. My husband was one seat in front of me. Not that I do mind, in fact I kind of liked it without the window and all…I felt like I’m in a box! Thanks goodness I’m not claustrophobic. Oh, yes. I liked it because I was the only one on the row- a three seat row, except of course for the steward who was kind enough to leave the middle seat vacant for both of our convenience! I was probably more comfortable that others on the seats in front of me, it felt like first class with windows closed.

🎒LUGGAGE: If you’re travelling International and hopping from flight to flight because you wanted to save money. Make sure you’re very efficient. Make sure your luggage is below or exactly what the airlines tell you! I have seen passengers at the gate with their carry-on luggage being tagged. You do not want that at all. You don’t want to be delayed from your other flight worrying about your luggage.

☑ An Advise: When packing your luggage, make sure it’s not about to burst. Make sure it’s not overly full! The flight personnel at the gate will take one look at it and tag it. You have to think, is it going to fit the overhead compartment? If you think it does not, then take out stuff in your luggage you do not want.

☑ An Advise: Another thing is to choose your clothes! Bulky clothes means less room for other stuff. Choose clothes that are light and thin. Bring one cashmere sweater- believe me, it will be worth it. It’s warm and light.

So, the flight was quite something to experience. I maybe in the back of the plane but I have more room, more comfortable and more private. Of course you’ll have some eyes on you once in a while when there’s a line for the bathroom because they are hovering on your side.

Part 2
The Flight to France (CDG)
First of all, let me say I do not have anything against France or Air France because they actually helped us and printed our boarding pass at the gate! When we boarded Delta for the flight from Atlanta to Miami we printed our boarding pass from home so we thought that when we go to the Delta info desk they will at least tell us that we need to print our boarding pass with all the other Airlines that we are going to board for the rest of the ship. I don’t know if I would consider it our fault (maybe) or theirs but I felt we were caught off guard as well. Usually the Airline will look at your itinerary and because we booked it all with Delta, they would have reminded us about it. So when we arrived at the Air France gate without a boarding pass- we did not know what to do!
The people at the gate (boarding gate) we’re very nice enough to curse us in French first (I will never know) and printed us our boarding pass, and the boarding pass of the flight after that. If they had refused to do so, which is their right, we would have to go back and print our boarding pass, go through the security gate and then come at the boarding gate- will take about 30 minute to an hour. But we did not have time for that, we were given one hour or less between each flight, running from one side of the airport to the other!

☑An Advise: When you are going through more than 2 connecting flight, please make sure you print your boarding pass, or ask about it at the ticketing booth. Very important. We were just lucky the French guy at the boarding gate printed it for us, of course he was probably cursing us while doing it, but he did it for us.
Going back to my story, I had the most uncomfortable flight with Air France in all my flights. Maybe it was just me but it was. When I was done with my 8 hour flight, my back was hurting bad and I was sleepy and very tired! I still had to fly to Barcelona so I just had to man up and suck it up.

The food was great, one thing I guess the French are good at. There was champagne in the menu (not for breakfast though), the movies were very latest, just came out of the theaters (I really did not care much). I don’t think I like the steward that was always by our isle too much talking with one particular passenger. When I went to the bathroom, he would not budge. I thought, OK maybe it’s just me, but he was like that to others who were passing by our isle. Very French? I don’t know.

Part 3
The Flight to Barcelona
We were flying Air France again. The gate was very far from where we came out. I think it was on another side of the Terminal. When we reached there we only have about 10 minutes to spare. One thing to remember: Even if your luggage (if you travel light, like us) is 45 inches overall in size, there is a strong possibility that the plane will not let you carry it on. They will tell you it’s not going to fit on the bin above your head. In the case of Air France they have A LOT of spare, they just don’t want to! You have to mind this when you are travelling with connecting flights and a little time to spare. You have to tell the gate that you’re connecting flights so you do not have time to wait for your luggage and pick it up in the carousel. Please do this- it will make your trip so much easier.


  1. I had good experience with Air France, overall. But very informative post. So you just went to Barcelona, nowhere else? It is a very beautiful place. You have to visit the Church of the Sagrada Familia when you have time, I gather you did not get to see it.

    • We went to London, Marseille, Savona and Genoa. Yes, I would love to visit Sagrada Familia next time. Thanks 🙂

      • Wow! How long was this travel? Are you going to post them too? I would like to read it and see the pictures. I have been to Milan and Rome. I heard of Genova, Italy but never been there.

  2. I like your post. Much information! Some airlines would just don’t let you carry in your bag, even if it meets the airline size just because!!!! I hate that. I have been to Barcelona. My friend got mugged in Las Ramblas. Be careful. I have not been mugged yet in all my Europe travels.

    • We hear a lot of mugging in Las Ramblas even from my friends too. We will be careful if ever we go there. Thanks 🙂

  3. travelcheapanywhere

    We went to Savona, Italy last year for a cruise. It went to Marseille and Barcelona. It was a special experience. Thanks for your post.

  4. You went to London? Why there is no post for that or when you’re posting it? I went to London once. I got lost in the Tube. 😉

  5. So nice to hear you & Rashid are in Espana, Hannah & I are thinking about doing the El Camino in the Fall of 2016. Enjoy!

    • Hi Mr. B! Long time no hear. 🙂 Yes…we took a cruise that went started in Barcelona, then Marseille and Savona. It was amazing. Great to hear from you!

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