To Make You Feel My Love Versions

Bob “freakin” Dylan, that’s what I would say! How can a person write and sang hundreds of songs and became hits? Every year somebody covers one or two, or three of his songs and goes up the charts! I told my husband, “If you do not know who sang a song originally, whether it’s a hit or not, there is a good chance it’s Bob Dylan!” This guy is a LEGEND! To me he’s the epitome of music, of COOL too of course. 🙂

THE original Version:

Bob Dylan – Make You Feel My Love from smallmagazine on Vimeo.

Him & Billy Joel (which covered it too), a duet:

Neil Diamond’s Version:

Trisha Yearwood’s Version:

Joan Osborne’s Version:

Josh Kelley’s Version:

Adele’s Version:

And MANY more! 🙂