My Honest Prayer

Dear GOD,
“I don’t expect my love ones to come and slap me right in the face with a Fish of Truth, but if needed be I’d rather have that than for me to go on the wrong direction!
I do not like my love ones telling me what to do, who the hell are they? But if I’m drifting off my path- they have my permission to smack me on the back of my head!
I have dealt with so many consequences to the mistakes I thought were the right things to do, I have dealt with the suffering from the wrong rebellion I choose in trying to prove who I am. The wrongs I did were immeasurable.
I have stared face to face with death so many times, I am not scared of it’s fangs!
I don’t forget the past, it keeps my feet grounded. I don’t get comfortable with the present, it’s always changing- I see to it that I grow as a person everyday.
I look forward to the future with passion with perseverance. I forgave myself, the most important thing- I moved on.
I AM human and battling with human instincts and bad habits, but I make sure I overcome them at the end of the day!
Life will always be a struggle, but as YOU have given me the chance at Life, I will try to make it beautiful, and most of all, BE WORTH LIVING FOR.”